Preventative Roof Maintenance: Why It Is So Important

As you probably know, the roof is the most important component of any structure, and in order for your roof to stand up to the harsh UK climate, you are advised to carry out regular roofing inspections. This means that any minor issue can be promptly repaired before it causes any damage, and with that in mind, here is a breakdown of a typical roof inspection.

  1. Checking for Missing or Broken Roof Tiles – In the event you lose a few roof tiles, they would need to be replaced at the earliest opportunity, otherwise rainwater can enter the internal roof structure, which could lead to a costly repair. Tiles can easily be lifted in gale force winds, and should that happen, there are affordable roofing contractors in Gloucester who would make short work of the replacement.

  1. Cleaning out Guttering – The guttering provides an essential escape route for excess rainwater, and wet leaves and small branches can quickly cause a blockage. Any roofing contractor would be happy to carry out a roof inspection, which would include cleaning out the guttering.

  1. Close Inspection of Fascia & Soffit Boards – The fascia and soffit boards protect the lower roof line and the underside, and they are usually made from timber, which might require repainting. The roofing company would issue you with a detailed written report on the status of your roof, and if they found any issues, they would recommend rapid repairs.
  2. Checking the Flashing – The flashing might be made from lead, stainless steel, or even copper, and it provides a seal at the joins on the roof.

With an annual inspection, your roof will always be in good working order, and any minor repairs can be carried out before they become major.






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