A Guide to Roofing Repairs

When thinking about your roof, the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” could not be more appropriate, as any minor issue will quickly become major, if not addressed immediately. Often, the homeowner cannot see roof damage, and it goes unnoticed, at least until tell-tale signs arrive, such as damp ceilings upstairs. Here are a few important points regarding roof maintenance.

  1. Missing or Broken Roof Tiles – A close inspection every few months will ensure that you spot any missing roof tiles, and they can be lifted in gale force winds, so you need to be vigilant and carry our regular visual inspections. In the event a few have gone missing, there is affordable tile repair in Slough, and they can match perfectly any type of roof tile.
  2. Guttering & Downpipes – These two components provide a safe escape route for excess rainwater, and should wither become blocked, water will run down the exterior walls, and you most certainly want to avoid that. If you have trees that overhang your roof, cleaning out the guttering is critical, especially in the autumn, when leaves fall.

Checking Fascia & Soffit Boards – These protect the roof line and the underside, and are usually made from timber. As they have to face the harsh UK weather, a repaint is often required and if the timber is decayed, replace both soffit and fascia with PVC sections.

Most homeowners commission a roof inspection every year, just prior to the arrival of winter, and this is something your local roofer can do for a small fee.

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