Investing In The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Whether you are looking to sell your home and move or want to appear better than your neighbours, there are many ways you can give the curb appeal of your home a boost. The first thing you will need to do is assess the state of the exterior of your home and work out a reasonable budget to do the work you want to improve its looks. Once you know how much you can afford to spend, you will want to look at the various ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal and select which ones you want to use. Below are some ideas to help you get started that can transform the look of your home and give its curb appeal a boost.

Create The Best First Impression

One of the first things people will notice about your home is the front door, so this may be an area you want to pay attention to when planning the work on your home. You can help your home stand out from the crowd by opting for a custom-made front door that is eye-catching and makes your home pop. When it comes to sourcing a bespoke front door, Oxfordshire has many reputable companies offering this service that can help transform your home.

Clean Up Your Pathways

If you have a pathway made from flagstones, these can start to look tired and dated. They can begin to move slightly, causing cracks between them which allow weeds to grow. You can tidy this up yourself easily enough, and it will take a bit of sand, a spirit level, and some time and effort. Lift the flagstones and replace them, adding sand where needed to level them out and ensure they are flat and level when you relay them. Once finished, you can take a jet washer and clean the flagstones to make them look new again, or you can clean them before you relay them.

Give Your Garden A Tidy

You will also want to tidy your garden, which can involve getting rid of the weeds and turning over your flower beds. You may also want to get rid of some of the plants and flowers if you have too many to make it look less clustered, and to help control the weeds from coming back too quickly, use mulch on your flower beds. Ensure your lawn is mowed to a reasonable length and going around the edges and recutting them will help you achieve that well-manicured look you are after.

Repaint uPVC Windows

You can also increase your home’s curb appeal by painting your window frames if they are made from uPVC. It is an ideal solution if your windows are in excellent condition, but the colour is fading from the frames. You will want to use a professional service to do this task, and it will cost around 80% less than the cost of replacing the windows. It is a relatively simple job that will require preparation and a few coats of paint, and each window can often be prepared and repainted in around 90 minutes.

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