Things You Can Expect With a Knock Down Rebuild Process

A knock down rebuild might be the best option for people who love where they live but are not quite in love with their current home design. As the name suggests, a knock down rebuild involves demolishing the current home and then rebuilding a new one in its current place.

This allows you as a homeowner to stay in your current neighbourhood but with a home that is better suited to your needs.

Talk with the Experts

While many people get excited over the thought of knocking down their current homes and replacing them with brand-new ones, it’s not a viable option everywhere. Before you start planning your dream home, it’s best to look into whether a knock down rebuild process in Canberra is allowed. One way to do this is by contacting your local council through the planning and building section.

Building professionals in the knock down rebuilding area can also help determine if this process is allowed in your current neighbourhood. Not only can they help you determine if a knock down rebuild is allowed, but they can also help you get all of the various approvals and permits necessary for the project.

Plan Your New Home Design

Once the builder has inspected your current property and performed the necessary tests, you can get started on planning your new home’s design. One way to get started is to look through some of the builder’s previous work. This can give you ideas on what you might want to include or things that you don’t want.

No matter what, when designing your custom home, you want to think about the size and current condition of the building site, any requirements set forth by the local council, your neighbouring properties, and any planning regulations for things such as flood control.

Prepare for the Demolition

Many reputable builders will handle the demolition process as part of the project. They will contact the demolition specialist and get everything set up. You as a homeowner shouldn’t have to do much, but here is what you can expect.

Once the demolition specialist sees a copy of your approved demolition permit, the job can begin. All utility companies need to be notified promptly so they can disconnect your services and remove all of their infrastructures.

The demotion experts will then work on tearing down your old house and removing all associated waste, including metal, glass, excess oil, trees, and more. Once demolition is done, the site can be prepared for the new build.

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