What are the specifications to look for in a home treadmill?

Home treadmills come in various specifications and models. An OMA 5105EB home treadmill will have various specs compared to other machines. Hence, it is vital to know the various specifications to look for in a treadmill before buying one.

Specifications to look for in a home treadmill

There is a lot of specifications to look for in a home treadmill before you buy one. If you do not take care of these things, you will end up buying less-efficient equipment that will not provide you better results. Some of these specifications to look for in a treadmill are as follows,

Belt size – The belt plays a major role in a treadmill, and you have to look for the optimal size of it. A treadmill belt should be at least 48 inches in length and 18 inches in width for proper usage. Depending on your body height, the requirements may vary a little. If you are above 6 feet of height, you will require a treadmill with a belt length of around 52 inches for proper usage and better results. Also, there will be some requirements for the belt length and width as the usage differs between walking and running. So, you have to consider belt size as one of the factors before buying a treadmill.

Control panel – You can access your treadmill only through a system that allows you to operate the machine. This system is known as a control panel, and you have to check whether it is located within your reach. Also, some control panels will be hell to use for beginners. You have to make sure that the panel is easy to use.

Cushioning – You will be running on the treadmill belt, and it is always operating while the machine is on. So, there are risks of you getting slipped. Hence, it is necessary to check whether there is a proper cushion on the running bed, and it absorbs all the shocks while you run on it. In some machines, the belt will be moving every time you place your feet. You should avoid buying such treadmills as you will injure yourself running on them.

Incline – Every treadmill bed will not be straight and flat. There will be some inclinations and declinations on them. It is advisable to choose a treadmill with an inclination feature of above 10 percent. If you buy so, you can get the actual experience of running in outdoor conditions.

Maximum weight rating – It is a measure of the maximum weight a treadmill can withstand. Although most of the treadmills will have above-realistic numbers as maximum weight ratings, it is advisable to check whether the weight rating is below your body weight. Maximum weight rating will be a vital factor to consider for obese persons.

Speed of the treadmill – It is vital to check the maximum speed of operation of the treadmill. It is advisable to choose a treadmill that can run over ten miles per hour.

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