Ways to Get Rid of Termites in Austin

Getting rid of termites infestation can get complicated because the termite tends to be smaller in size and harder to find. The termites can be very ruinous as they can chew away any wooden surfaces like cupboards, chairs, beds, or even flooring or carpet texture, and they are very disastrous once they enter your house. Termites alone are a billion-dollar industry annually, and a nominal termite inspection combined with typical structural hazards can cost dollars. To avoid this, you may take the services of Stride Pest Control

This blog will examine what you can do to prevent termites from entering houses. 

Moisture Control

The only and best way to get rid of termites and prevent widespread disease is to maintain moisture control. Moisture control is vital for human and home health, but it is also essential against pests. Dehumidifiers make it easy to maintain the perfect humidity in your house, basement, and crawlspace. Turning on towards your needs, the dehumidifier can remove approximately 70-130 pints or pounds of water from your home per day, helping dry out the air to help create a more comfortable environment for the inhabitants. 


Clutter can become a home for pests. So decluttering is essential to prevent them from growing. Remove the useless papers, wooden pieces, and cardboard. Keep your shelves of the cupboard clean.

Use borate 

Before painting the cupboards, make sure you spray borate as it prevents the growth of termites.


Keep the infected material in sunlight for three consecutive days. The termites can’t bear heat; hence, it is one of the easiest methods to get rid of termites. You can even keep your home furniture in sunlight to prevent the growth of termites (if any).

Keep some distance between soil and wood.

Keep a safe distance between soil and wood so that you can prevent the growth of termites. Use cement or stone to separate the wooden area of your home and garden. 

Fix leakage

As mentioned earlier, humidity promotes the growth of termites, so fix the water leakages, especially in the basement area. 


Termites can increase within a few days as they replicate faster than you think. Ensure you prevent the growth of termites by taking appropriate measures, and if at all you still find some termites at your home, don’t delay and get professional pest control services. The sooner you will take action, the better the results will be

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