Top Three Keypad Door Handles

The digital keypad door handle is a safety feature that ensures only people you know and trust can get into your home or business. They are also more convenient than physical key locks because they give the option of simply pushing a button to enter instead of fiddling with keys. Here we have listed ten popular models among different brands:

1. Keyless Entry Door Handles by Schlage

Schlage makes several models that are best sellers on Amazon. In addition, the company offers various styles and finishes to match your property and keypads with different buttons for more or fewer unique access codes.

2. Signstek Electronic Keyless Digital Password Touchpad Door Lock

This model from Signstek is a popular choice for rental properties because it can be opened with the tenant’s personalized access code. In addition, it has an auto-lock mode and will only stay unlocked when in use. The batteries are easy to replace with no tools needed, and the package comes complete with everything you need for installation, including screws and wall anchors.

3. Keyless Electronic Door Lock by Goji

The Goji door handle is equipped with a fingerprint scanner that can store up to 30 unique codes. You will receive one backup key, and the hardware comes with screws for easy installation over your existing deadbolt mechanism.

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