Tips for Building Renovations

If you are thinking of carrying out some major renovations on your property, the great Australian summer will soon be upon us, which is the ideal time to transform your home. If you are an avid DIY enthusiast, you can expect to save a small fortune, otherwise choose your contractor carefully and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that you major project goes smoothly.

  • Check for the presence of asbestos – If the property was constructed pre-1970, there’s a good chance that asbestos is present and Google will help you obtain asbestos removal quotes in Perth; if testing shows no signs of asbestos, you are good to go and if it is found, the experts can safely remove it and you can move ahead with confidence.
  • Think composites – Modern building materials have excellent thermal properties and are usually maintenance free. Talk to the contractor about composite materials and they will make you aware of all the options. Glass can be used in so many ways and with toughened safety glass that can be cut to precise dimensions, you can incorporate this amazing material in many ways.
  • Adding to your living space – If you have a growing family that needs more space, there are several options; a loft conversion would likely be the cheapest, or you could invest in a container home, which only requires a concrete base and utility connections. This would be perfect for a home office, a study centre for the kids, or even a guest bedroom. Modular homes are very popular for additional living space, rather than building a granny flat, and they can easily be relocated at any time.
  • Buy materials online – Not only is online ordering convenient, it is the cheapest way to obtain the materials or appliances that you need and most online suppliers offer free delivery, which is a bonus. Google is your best friend and whether looking for asbestos removal or slate roof tiles, you will find the best deals online.
  • Comparing quotes – Ask 3 contractors to pay you a visit and see which offers the best package. Like all trades, there are good and bad providers and always read the online reviews, which are a good indication of what to expect. Some contractors are very customer focused and that is the ideal scenario, as they will attend to even the smallest detail.

We hope the above tips will help you plan your next home improvement project and add value to your prime investment.

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