The Advantages of Ergonomic Foot rest under desk support 

Other people may not realize that the feet are an area of their body that requires more assistance. Lack of circulation or movement in the feet can affect your back, legs, and circulation to other parts of the body if you don’t have the proper support or regular activity. Consider using an ergonomic f product to provide additional foot rest under desk support and comfort to your feet while sitting at a desk for long periods. Footrests have several advantages, both ergonomically and in terms of productivity:

  1. Improved Circulation

Poor blood circulation affects anyone sitting or lying down for an extended period with little or no movement. Blood clots and varicose veins might result from a lack of sufficient activity or a proper footrest. Keeping your feet raised with an ergonomic footrest lowers your chance of developing circulatory problems due to inactivity.

  1. Improved Posture

It’s no doubt that sitting for long periods can result in poor posture. A good ergonomic chair can assist a lot, but an ergonomic footrest can also aid your posture a lot. Keep both feet on the footrest while maintaining your legs horizontal to the floor to maintain a steady, healthy posture.

  1. Those with shorter physiques will benefit the most.

You may have difficulty reaching the floor while sitting in your workplace chair if you have a shorter physique. Your back may be affected if you are unable to get to the floor and rest both feet. When you hang your legs in the air, it might cause problems with weight distribution, causing pain in your back and legs. The footrest can give your legs, feet, and back the support they need.

  1. Features of foot rest product
  • Lift your feet and enjoy the feeling of memory foam: foot rest beneath the desk is made with premium memory foam that uses your body heat to soften and contour around your feet for ultimate relaxation.
  • It is Clean from Day One to the End: It’s simple to clean the plush velvet cover. Unzip and chuck in the washing machine; low heat dryer safe. This keeps your foot pillow fresh at all times.
  • Policy of Lifetime Replacement: Most manufacturers care about your experience with our products at Everlasting Comfort; therefore, we’ll replace your under desk footstool if anything goes wrong.
  • Back problems are less common.

Sitting in a chair for long periods in an office environment will inevitably strain your spine. On the other hand, a footrest allows you to sit back in the chair without slouching and putting pressure on your spine and lower back. It can help you be more comfortable and productive while also lowering your chance of injury.


Ergonomic foot rest under desk support is excellent for those that have trouble reaching the ground when sitting. It also assists those who suffer from poor circulation to the feet of those who have difficulty maintaining a healthy posture when sitting for long periods. Although a footrest is not a standard thought solution for ergonomics or maintaining proper posture, it can be a perfect way to add needed support or avoid a possible injury.

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