Providing Cleaning Solutions To Commercial Clients

Commercial operations such as office cleaning Syracuse, hospitals, hotels, and health care require sanitary environments to keep customers, visitors, and patients safe. Keeping these areas clean also helps build and maintain a company’s reputation.

To get more cleaning clients, focus on the benefits of your services. People care less about your features; they want to know how your services can help them solve their problems.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a more specialized form of commercial cleaning that caters to industrial spaces like factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, self-storage buildings, and power plants. These spaces typically produce and store many different products at once, operate around the clock, and must be kept in pristine condition to ensure worker safety and the quality of the finished products.

Deep, heavy-duty cleaning is required in these environments and requires precision, time, and often the movement and even dismantling of large equipment. This is different from the work that employees or janitorial services have the skills to do daily.

As such, many industrial cleaners have embraced new trends in the industry to improve their business performance. One is environmentally-friendly cleaning, also known as “green” cleaning, where specialized products and methods reduce the environmental impact of the cleaning process and help businesses meet customer demands for greener practices. Another is hazmat, or hazardous waste cleanup and disposal, where trained professionals remove dangerous materials from workspaces.

Move-In/Out Cleaning

When tenants or homeowners move to a new place, they often want to ensure the space is clean and ready. This service provides an ideal opportunity for cleaning companies to increase revenue by offering move-in/out cleaning solutions.

The cleaning process typically includes a deep cleaning of all visible surfaces. It also involves minor fixes, such as sanitizing and wiping furniture and appliances. Depending on the property’s condition, customers may also wish to have their carpets cleaned or buffed.

Most customers need this service within a tight window before moving out of an apartment or house, returning the keys to their landlord, or closing on a home sale. Consequently, they typically expect a quick turnaround and may need backup cleaners if the original cleaning team cancels or fails to arrive on time.

Using a project management platform to streamline scheduling and improve team communication is a good idea. This will help you deliver a quality job and maximize your resources.

Retail Cleaning

Retail locations have unique challenges and opportunities, like other commercial and industrial facilities. Office cleaning Syracuse can add value for its customers by offering specialty services that meet specific needs and create a competitive advantage.

Cleaners can dust product shelves and counters, wipe down fixtures, and sanitize restrooms for a clean environment that improves the customer experience and reduces the risk of germs spreading to employees or customers. Retail cleaning solutions also include high-touch point cleaning, which includes surfaces like door handles, light switches, faucets, and phones frequently touched by people entering and exiting a store.

A clean environment is vital for any business, and regular maintenance can extend the life of flooring, furniture, and other equipment. JAN-PRO is proud to provide expert cleaning services that help your retail space look its best and remain a healthy place for your customers to shop. We offer a free price quote for your retail cleaning needs. Contact us today to get started.

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