Organic Lawn Care – A Good Lawn Relies on the Soil

More homeowners tend to practise environmentally friendly lawn care, whether it’s natural or organic. It’s all about soil, and how to take advantage of the soil’s natural biology to create healthy plant life. Allow nature to do the heavy lifting and provide you with a safe soil system that will benefit your lawn. Feed the soil, not the lawn.

Once you’ve settled on this form of lawn care, you’ll need to put together a strategy. The key focus of the technique is on the soil in which your lawn grows and its normal biological activity. The reason I say it’s natural is that if your lawn has been treated with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilisers for a long time, the living organisms in the soil have likely been damaged, if not extinct, and they’re required, along with being safe, to naturally help the soil.

A broad complex population of faunal and microbial activity, as well as the ecology in soil, make up natural organic soil biology.

A good organic soil at provides the nutrients and moisture that plants need, as well as other advantages such as disease and pest control, water conservation, and weed suppression. When transitioning to organic lawn care, the first step is to test the soil. The results of your test will provide you with the knowledge you need to amend your soil and return it to a normal, stable organic state.

You can perform a simple test yourself to determine how good or poor the soil your lawn is growing on is. Dig out a small piece of existing sod, about 4″ thick, with a trowel or a small shovel. Examine what’s above and below the soil with a magnifying glass. Examine the grass for density and fitness, the soil for softness and crumbliness, and any signs of earthworm activity. Both of these are signs of a good lawn and soil.

The best way to start reviving the life that once existed in your lawn’s soil naturally is to use a natural soil conditioner and compost as part of your soil management strategy to keep the soil safe naturally.

Gardening that is both environmentally sustainable and safe. Organic gardening is a method of gardening that is in tune with the natural world. Growing a nutritious, sustainable crop that is good for both you and the world.

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