Natural Cleaning Solutions for Hardwood Flooring

It’s nearly impossible to analyze natural cleaning solutions without finding sodium bicarbonate and/or vinegar as suggested solutions.

It is important to maintain hardwood floors and care for them as they can last decades. Resanding will remove the top layer of wood, making it look like new again so polishing coatings are applied afterwards.

For something new, we promise to not offer sodium bicarbonate or vinegar as natural floor cleaning solutions for sealed hardwood flooring. Although these components dominate looking results, they are useless at the best and potentially dangerous as finished floor cleaners.

What we should provide are pretty straight forward, good sense products and services for organic or non-toxic floor cleaners.

Causes of Using Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Safe for Children and pets

Families with children, especially individuals youthful enough to experience on the ground, might want to avoid harsh chemical floor cleaners so their kids aren’t uncovered to dangerous fumes and residue.

Reactions to Strong Chemicals

Many people have very sensitive skin and allergic reactions to limit remarkable ability to be with potent odors or caustic chemicals which are frequently present in commercial floor cleaners.

Sealed or Finished Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Finished or sealed hardwood flooring possess a coating of memory or perhaps a similar obvious protective finish.

As they say, “An Once of Prevention…”

Personally we always felt awkward at homes where we’d to consider our footwear off upon entering. But guess what happens? They could be onto something.

Besides this being preventative measure proficient at keeping carpets fresh, but footwear track dirt onto hardwood flooring after which grind the particles from the wood using their hard soles. Clearly this isn’t great for the conclusion.

But whether you insist visitors remove their footwear, a minimum of performing regular vacuuming or moist mopping on the ground to get particles will remove these small bits of grit that behave as sandpaper from the finish.

Wrong with Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar?

Any search of natural or organic or non-toxic floor cleaning solutions is likely to return lots of results suggesting sodium bicarbonate and vinegar, sometimes mixed together. These may work cleaners in certain situations but they are and not the right the solution to clean hardwood flooring.

The very first trouble with these compounds is they are mildly corrosive. Sodium bicarbonate is mildly alkaline meaning we have an excellent pH level and vinegar is mildly acidic having a substandard pH level.

And so far as the recommendation to combine them sodium bicarbonate and vinegar goes, this will make little sense. Whenever you mix an acidity along with a base together they neutralize one another within an fizzy yet useless mess.

It could seem sensible to make use of these components to wash your tiles, shower stalls, home windows, countertops or grout, try not to bother mixing sodium bicarbonate and vinegar together. And do not use them your hardwood floor, either alone or together.

Good Cleaners, Wrong Application

This is also true with cleaners offering wax-based finishes or individuals which contain ammonia. These cleaners can cloud the great shiny finish of the hardwood floor.

These kinds of floor cleaners work for tile, vinyl or laminate flooring, but they are wrong to be used on finished hardwood.

Natural Organic and Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions for Sealed Hardwood Flooring

Use Dishwashing Soap

What are good mild cleaning solutions that will not harm your hardwood floor? Really the dish soap you utilize in the kitchen area sink could be combined with water for any safe mild mopping solution that will not harm or dull the conclusion.

There’s a business known as Way in which makes non-toxic, biodegradable soaps including dish soaps, laundry cleaners along with a wood floor cleaning product.

Biokleen is yet another company making environmentally sound products. Their Citrus Essence Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is protected for sealed hardwood flooring. Their goods are concentrated to lessen packaging and non-toxic safe for individuals and also the atmosphere.

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