Modern Luxuries For Your Home (That Won’t Cost The Earth)

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They are important not only for our wellbeing and comfort but also for our families and friends who seek to share our personal spaces with us. In addition to being practical, they must also be stylish, representing our inclinations for design and expressing who we are as individuals, enabling us to share this personality with others.

When putting together a home’s design, many are deterred from embracing luxury for fear of extreme cost. The idea of a pool table or walk-in closet is not only financially costly but can also be impractical. However, such typical examples should not deter a homeowner from indulging in decadence because there are, in fact, a number of more affordable modern luxuries that can be enjoyed by many.

Cinema Experience

While some count the inches on their television screen, others are thinking even further ahead and installing home projectors and screens to get the best viewing experience possible. Home cinema equipment, including projectors, screens, and surround sound set-ups, are becoming increasingly more affordable, even rivalling many televisions. As such, if you are interested in obtaining the best cinematic experience or looking to entice others to join your movie night, this may be the most reasonable option.

Dropping Wires

Wires are slowly becoming obsolete and, as many chargers break or become lost, many individuals welcome the transition. Wireless charges are becoming more popular but not only as tabletop devices. Now, they are being installed inside furniture and countertops, enabling homeowners to simply lay their devices down, as they usually would, and see them charge effortlessly. This is great news for interior design-conscious homeowners who are finally able to drop the ugly presence of wires.


Rural Decadence

Making the most of a garden space can mean going beyond a new BBQ grill. In fact, log cabins are becoming more impressive, accessible, and affordable than ever, giving homeowners the opportunity to establish their own outbuilding. This could be a professional luxury, being installed as a private office, or a personal one, allowing families a space to pursue hobbies, relax, or socialise in the bespoke design of a private cabin.

Yes, Jeeves

Smart home features are no longer reserved for science fiction novels and are, in fact, becoming commonplace within homes. The more luxurious gadgets include voice assistant services, allowing residents to simply state commands, such as “turn the heating down” or “lock the front door”, to see the smart home initiate the action.


Not every home has a cellar or the capacity for one. However, this shouldn’t deter interested residents from installing their own micro-cellar. Underfloor wine cellars, for example, are simple to install and cost relatively little too, allowing homeowners, especially those wanting to showcase their wine interests, to have a dedicated and secure space for their collection.

Shower Time

No longer should any home accept poor or even adequate shower experiences. In fact, there are a number of devices that can now improve home showers, even those with relatively low water pressure. Rain effect and pulsing showers heads are becoming more sought after because of the amazing effect they have upon residents who enjoy them.

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