Landscaping Companies Uses and Services

Landscaping companies in Singapore, which have their branches in major cities will surely have a website, which will be updated frequently with information about their services as well as their latest offers. This will give you the chance to check up if these firms are offering the kind of service that you require. If not, then you can always drop by their offices and see for yourself if they have a showroom or if they are merely selling Landscaping packages from their stores. If you do not find any such website, then it is probably safe to assume that these firms are not genuine and therefore, should not be trusted.

Once you have identified the list of landscaping companies in singapore that you think are genuine, then you can start checking up their credentials and this can be done by checking with the Health and Safety Department or HSS. They will be able to tell you all the information about a company that is listed with them and this includes the certification status, their license number, and license type. A license type will be valid for a specific period and will then convert to a certificate of occupancy after every five years. If you are dealing with a landscaping company that is licensed to sell house packages, then you can get a list of all such companies which are also licensed to provide landscape maintenance as well.

You can visit a website that provides a list of Landscaping companies in Singapore which will help you to compare prices, services offered as well as the reputation of the firms on the internet. This will ensure that you are not cheated into hiring an unscrupulous firm that might end up causing more damage than good.

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