Frequently asked questions on asbestos surveys 

What are the risks of asbestos in buildings?

Every product or element around you have the possibility of having some amounts of asbestos in it. However, some products have nothing related to asbestos. But you could not ensure that there will not be any pinch of this harmful element in your building. Since construction materials are made of several elements, almost all buildings will have at least some amounts of asbestos in them. It will cause no harm when left unattended. Once you try to break the compound or disturb the structure that has high amounts of asbestos, the asbestos fibers will be released in the air. Since all of us would breathe the air, we could inhale these fibers also. So, we would be subjected to various diseases related to the lungs. There are high possibilities of getting lung cancer due to exposure to asbestos fibers. Apart from lung cancer, some other risks that are possible due to exposure to asbestos are as follows,

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural effects
  • Immunity effects
  • Laryngeal effects

What is known as an asbestos survey?

Since the 1990’s ban on the mining and use of asbestos, the new structures are not using that much asbestos-containing materials. However, there will be a small proportion of this element all over the building. So, it is necessary to conduct an asbestos survey before you put your hands on the remodeling processes of your home. In this survey, a specialist person will come and take a sample of the building material that is suspected to have asbestos for various testing processes. Once the tests are over, he will report you about the presence or absence of asbestos in your building materials and about the risks that you are about to face. Based on this report, you can decide to do the renovation works safely and with less expenditure. If you do not know where exactly is the asbestos present, you may end up spending a lot on unwanted processes assuming that there is asbestos everywhere. However, it is necessary to find a quality and reliable company for the assessments.

How could you find an asbestos consultant?

It is easy to find an asbestos consultant in your locality through a Google search. However, you have to ensure that the consultant has the experience and qualifications to conduct the asbestos assessment. There will be some requirements for the asbestos contractors in your State. You have to check whether the consultant meets these requirements before employing them on your site. It is advisable to avoid any remodeling or renovation works on your own without a trained professional.

What is an asbestos management survey?

It is the basic survey taken at your site by the professional surveyors. They will look over the building for the possible presence of asbestos and make note of it. If there is a need for any samples, they will take them for further testing. It will ensure that workers and households are safe.

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