Four Signs It’s Time to Call a Boiler Repair Service Provider

Appliances will give up over time and boilers tend to have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If your boiler is starting signs of surrender, you may have to consider a boiler repair so it will continue to run until you are able to get a new one. Below are the signs that it’s time to get your boiler repaired by a professional:

Strange Noises

A banging noise from the boiler can make you think that you may need to get a new boiler. There are times when the system’s air can cause the noise; however, there are other bigger problems that may cause this.

Also, strange noises can also indicate a pump failure. The deterioration of the boiler’s pump can cause loud noises. An experienced plumber can easily diagnose and replace this if needed. Noises that come from the central heating system also warrant a call to a reputable heating and cooling technician.

It Doesn’t Produce Hot Water

This is quite an obvious sign and you may need to call JB Heating Services boiler repair in Oldham to take care of this problem. The boiler may stop producing hot water because of a turned down thermostat, a pressure problem or a broken part or valve.


Your boiler is designed mainly to heat water. The heated water tends to corrode metal faster than cool water, making leaks a common issue. Your boiler, along with the pipes and valves which lead to and from it, are susceptible to corrosion. In case you notice a leak, contact your plumber immediately. But before you call your plumber, there are simple solutions that might work. Try to check the boiler’s display as it may be showing an error code or some warning. If you find this warning, check the user’s manual to know what it means. Reset the boiler and check the fuel sources. Ensure the natural gas, electrical and water switches are turned on.

The Pilot Light is Working Strangely

When you notice the pilot light keeps going out, you may first think that you just need to re-light. However, it is imperative to check the gas supply first. In case the gas has stopped working, call your supplier right away. This problem is often caused by a buildup of the pilot light or a broken thermocouple.

Make sure you know in advance who to call before a plumbing emergency arises. A reputable company should have plumbers who know all about boilers.

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