DIY The Smart Way

If you are an avid DIY enthusiast who spends all your free time of projects around the house, it is easy to forget the many smart ways that you can use tech to help you. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the sweat and tears of hard work, yet there are ways to make things easier, and with that in mind, here are a few DIY tips to assist you with various projects.

  • YouTube – You may not know that there are zillions of ‘how to’ DIY videos on YouTube. Which take you through every step of the project, whether it be building an extension or fitting a new tap. Some people have actually built a house from the ground up with no construction experience whatsoever, thanks solely to YouTube videos.
  • Cut to Measure – Forget buying lengths of timber or steel and cutting onsite; the hardware and metal supplier on the Central Coast will cut to precise measurements, saving you time and effort. An online search will take you to a company that supplies ‘cut to size’ steel and timber, making it much easier.
  • Power Tools – While hand tools have their place, the goal with DIY is outcome and rechargeable screwdrivers, drills and nail guns are easy to use and quick too. Of course, you need to have a set of wood chisels and other hand tools, but with a core set of power tools, things will move along nicely and the project will be ready to unveil to the family.
  • Online Ordering – Whether materials or tools, the cheapest prices are with the online supplier and most offer free delivery, which is great. It is really easy to compare prices using Google and there isn’t much that you can’t buy on the Internet. You can also shop at your own pace; leave stuff in your shopping basket and when you login next, those items will still be there and when you have everything you need, a secure online payment sees the goods delivered to your door.
  • Project Planning – Even the smallest project needs a little planning; list (and cost) all the materials you will need, along with tools and other items should be listed and with a single online shop, you can get everything you need to complete the project.

Any project that you consider to be challenging can benefit from online tutorials and by following the above advice, we hope your next project is a smooth and successful one.


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