A Simple Guide On How To Paint Your Dog At Home

Have you ever thought of thanking the little tail wagging creature that has four paws and that lives with you throughout your ups and downs? It may sound crazy! Well, who has ever thought of ‘thanking’ their pet, and why would we? After all, all they do is cuddle with us a little and make their best attempts to make us feel better when we have had a really bad day at work, school or college. Isn’t it a big deal, right?


Paint your dog: Here are the reasons why you need to


We all know what our pets mean to us. They have become an extended part of our own family. We celebrate our festivals with them. We take them with us when we go on trips, and the best part about them is that when we lose a battle by inches, they don’t question why we weren’t enough. They are there with us throughout everything.

But we are so busy in our life that we take it all for granted. Just buy paint by numbers painting kit and paint your dog and then see the happiness and sprouts of joy emerge from its wagging tail.

Here’s how to paint your dog


  • Upload a picture of your dog. This can either be a solo picture of him or A picture along with you or maybe a picture that has Hen and your own family. Anything you like. If you want to make the painting exclusively for your dog, we would prefer to upload a photograph with only him, happy and cheerful!
  • Then, they will create a Canvas having that photo outlines in the form of a colorable picture. This picture will contain some numbers in different sections. These numbers will be put on the color kit that you will receive along with it.

Things that you will receive with your painting kit


The painting kit that you will then receive to paint your dog will contain the following: –

  • Some acrylic colors. This can range from 24 to 48, depending upon the type you selected during your ordering. Each color container will contain some numbers on it.
  • A Canvas with an outline of the picture of your dog that you uploaded earlier on the website. It will have some numbers that will co-ordinate with the numbers on the color boxes.
  • A set of three brushes of sizes small, all medium and large.

All you need to do is use the brushes correctly on the Canvas and paint the correct mentioned numbers on the color containers into the Canvas, and there you go. You have the perfectly created artistic painting of your dog.

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